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Vidin geographical situation

Vidin geographical situation and brief historical dat
Vidin is the bordering north-western Bulgarian town. It is situated at 44° and 13″ northern latitude and on 22° and 41 eastern longitude Greenwich. It is situated on the lowest terrace of the Vidin’s lowlands. Its above-sea level is 33-35m.
Vidin has come into being on the place of the Roman fortress-Bononia. During the middle ages it was named Budin, after the beginning of the XI c. it was named Bdin. The present form of the town’s name appears in the Ottoman sources from the middle of the XVc, but in the Byzantine ones it appeal’s even in the end of the XIV c. Since the beginning of the IX c. it has been a military-administrative centre not only of the bigger part of the north-western Bulgaria, but also of territories presently belonging to Serbia and Romania. From the middle of the XIII c. it is a principality centre and from the second half of the XIV c. it is a self-dependant kingdom. During the time when the Bulgarian territories have been under the Ottoman authority it has been a centre of a sanjack (a region), and from 1837 to 1864 – of a vilayet (a province). Throughout a whole millennium it has been an administrative, military, commercial, spiritual and cultural centre of almost the whole north-western Bulgaria. The town has been dominated by Byzantium (1002-11-87), Hungary (1365-1369) and the Ottoman Empire (1397-1878).
After the Liberation it has been a centre of a province, region, county and presently it is a centre of a region again.

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