Set along the banks of the Danube, Vidin is one of Bulgaria’s oldest riverfront cities. The city of Vidin, located in the northwest area of Bulgaria, links Bulgaria with the Romanian town of Kalafat thanks to daily ferry service.

With a mixture of Roman, Turkish, medieval Bulgarian, and modern architecture, Vidin’s landscape contains well-preserved buildings, colourful gardens, and the lovely Danube as a backdrop. Vidin houses an excellent port from which many Danube cruises depart.

  • Province: Vidin
  • Population: 68,506 (Year 2005)
  • Altitude: 34 Metres
  • Postcode: 3700
  • Area Code: 094
  • Geographic Coordinates: 43° 59′ North, 22° 52′ East

Municipality of Vidin

Vidin municipality is located in the northwestern part of the Danube plain. Its entire territory (424 sq. km) is occupied by the Vidin lowland, which lies between the bend of the Danube by the town of Vidin and leads far to the southwest hills. The center of the municipality and the district center, the town of Vidin, lies on the bank of the Danube River. The population of Vidin municipality is around 72,000 people (2010).



Road transport: the road network in the municipality has internal and regional importance. The main transport artery is the first class road Vidin-Montana-Vratsa-Botevgrad-Sofia, which is part of international road E-79. The territory of Vidin municipality is crossed by roads of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class (30.5 km, 33.0 km, 60.0 km 94.8 km, respectively). The general condition of the road network is average and good. All 4th class roads need major repairs. The second bridge over the Danube River, which is under construction, will provide direct acess to Romania and Western Europe.

Air transport: a passenger airport is situated 5 km away from the city. Constructed and available logistics facilities represent a serious asset for the region as the recovery and putting into operation of the airport is scheduled.  Energy Vidin is securely connected to the national energy system. Thermal power plant “Vidin” operates with imported coal. The municipality is not supplied with gas and there is no common heat-supply. Water supply and sewerage All settlements in the municipality are supplied with water. The network and facilities of the various groups and individual water suppliers are partitioned in a way that allows the normal water supply of the settlements. The towns and villages in Vidin municipality suffer from insufficient sewerage system.


Fixed and mobile telephony and internet access are provided throughout the entire municipality.


Vidin municipality, which is the largest in terms of area and population in the district has a leading role in the regional economy. Manufacturing and trade, repair of motor vehicles, personal and household goods are among the most developed economic sectors in the municipality. Agriculture is also important for the local economy, given that agricultural land accounts for about 75% of the municipality’s entire territory. Vidin has traditions in agribusiness and production of food, as well as in industrial infrastructure. There is a well established network of companies in the services sector with diverse nature of businesses. The Duty Free Zone located on the bank of the Danube River has modern indoor warehouse facilities of 7,300 sq. m and 3,000 sq. m for open storage. The three industrial zones – South, West and North in Vidin are located at the three main entrances to the city. The development of tourism in Vidin is based on the existing natural resources, the opportunities provided by the River Danube and is driven by the rich cultural heritage in the region.


There are two functioning theaters in Vidin – the Municipal Dramatic Theatre “Vida” and the Puppet Theater. The cultural calendar of Vidin is rich and varied as it covers both events with local and regional importance and initiatives of national and international scope. Some of the landmarks of Vidin municipality are the Baba Vida castle, fortress wall “Kaleto”, Turkish konak “Koluka”, mosque and library of Osman Pazvantoglu, Cross-shaped barracks, Church “St. Pantaylemon”, Church “St. Petka”, Church “St. Nicholas”, Cathedral “St. Dimitar”, building of the Vidin Diocese, synagogue, etc.

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