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During the replacement of an eroded stone block on the facade of the Voynitza Tower of the Baba Vida feudal castle (in Vidin on the Danube, NW Bulgaria) in 1992, a sculpture of a human head with neck was discovered. Made of grayish white limestone, it is embedded in the wall 12 m above the… more

Celtic Settlements in Bulgaria – (1) Northern Bulgaria

One of the most remarkable contradictions in modern historical research over the last 50 years has been the identification by international and Bulgarian linguists of a large number of Celtic settlements in a region where local ‘Thracologists’ continue to claim that there was never any Celtic presence. As a result of this ‘Thracian Myth’, developed… more

Between Hinterland and Frontier: Ottoman Vidin, Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

A STRONGHOLD AND A PORT ON THE DANUBE FROM ROMAN TIMES, and the capital city of one of the Bulgarian states (1371–96), Vidin was incorporated into the expanding Ottoman principality shortly after the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396 as a punishment for its ruler’s co-operation with the crusaders. The battle marked the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire and… more

Ottoman Bulgaria in the First Tanzimat Period -The Revolts in Nish (1841) and Vidin (1850)*

Ottoman policy in the first Tanzimat (reform) period (1839-1856) had as one of its stated aims the amelioration of certain conditions to reduce the discontent on the part of non-Muslim subjects of the Empire. The steady increase throughout the entire Tanzimat period (1839-1876) in the intensity of separatist nationalist cultural and political activity among the… more

Parokhet hamasakh

“This veil of the covering (parokhet hamasakh; Ex. 35: 12) is dedicated to the Lord, completed and accomplished in the spring month (of Nisan; Deut. 16: 1), the year ‘The Lord is thy keeper’ (Ps. 121: 5; March – April 1800), through the good offices of the Great Rabbi, the exalted man of substance, the… more

Bulgarian uprising (1850)

Bulgarian uprising (1850) Ever since the Turks conquered Bulgaria at the end of the 14th century, the local Slav and Christian population, undeterred by the stringent rule and bloody repression, kept revolting and staging armed uprisings. Whenever Turkey fought a war with any of the European Christian powers and was defeated, Bulgarians rose up. In… more


The access to fi xed telephony of the population in the district is now 94.4%, i.e. 134 of the total 142 settlements have fixed telephone coverage more


Unfortunately, Vidin struggles to bring in revenue. Some cultural activities (the Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra is an example) that bring tourism money into the community, but often the expenses outweigh the profit. The port that brings tourists to Romania or on Danube cruises also brings in some money. Salaries in Vidin and all of Bulgaria… more


Set along the banks of the Danube, Vidin is one of Bulgaria’s oldest riverfront cities. The city of Vidin, located in the northwest area of Bulgaria, links Bulgaria with the Romanian town of Kalafat thanks to daily ferry service. With a mixture of Roman, Turkish, medieval Bulgarian, and modern architecture, Vidin’s landscape contains well-preserved buildings,… more

Philharmonic orchestra

The Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra is officially registered as a state organization situated in the town of Vidin, which is located in the north-west part of Bulgaria on the banks of the Danube river, at a distance of 200 km from Sofia. Vidin is an administrative, cultural and economic center in this region. There are… more

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