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By the end of June, 2000, the number of registered unemployed persons was 10 179, or an increase by 96 persons (1%) compared to March, 2000. By the end of June, 2000, the unemployment rate for the municipality was 23.96%, compared to 18.78% in June, 1999, a 5.18% increase more

Cluture and art

The Vidin Museum of History was established in 1910 as an archaeological society. Its by-laws state that its goal was “to find, preserve and study the monuments of the past that will be kept in a museum that will be located in the city of Vidin”. The sociaety was very active but the wars from 1912 – 1918 period hindered its development more

Recreation and tourism

With its preserved original layout, the park is a historic landmark. The combination of an English park layout and Baroque forms of vegetation gives the park an unique, typically Bulgarian look. The riverbank park is located along the bank of the Danube and includes wonderful beaches and recreation places more