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Between Hinterland and Frontier: Ottoman Vidin, Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

A STRONGHOLD AND A PORT ON THE DANUBE FROM ROMAN TIMES, and the capital city of one of the Bulgarian states (1371–96), Vidin was incorporated into the expanding Ottoman principality shortly after the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396 as a punishment for its ruler’s co-operation with the crusaders. The battle marked the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire and… more

Ottoman Bulgaria in the First Tanzimat Period -The Revolts in Nish (1841) and Vidin (1850)*

Ottoman policy in the first Tanzimat (reform) period (1839-1856) had as one of its stated aims the amelioration of certain conditions to reduce the discontent on the part of non-Muslim subjects of the Empire. The steady increase throughout the entire Tanzimat period (1839-1876) in the intensity of separatist nationalist cultural and political activity among the… more


Dimovo is a town in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Dimovo municipality, which lies in the eastern part of Vidin Province
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