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Mosque of El Haj Huseyin

This mosque is located in the city of Belogradchik’s main street.  Built for El Haj Huseyin A#a in 1757-58, it is a reconstruction of an earlier mosque.  Someone decoratively painted over the door and mihrab (a niche in the qibla – a wall that indicated the direction of Mecca) in the 19 th century.  In the 20 th century, the tile roof… more

Belogradchik Rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks (Belogradchishki skali) are a group of bizarre sandstone and limestone rock formations, reaching up to 200 m in height
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Belogradchik Fortress

The Belogradchik Fortress (Belogradchiska krepost), also known as Kaleto, is an ancient fortress close to the northwestern Bulgarian town of Belogradchik and the town’s primary cultural and historical tourist attraction, drawing, together with the Belogradchik Rocks, the main flow of tourists into the region
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The Magura Cave

The Magura Cave is among Bulgaria’s most famous and beautiful caves. It is located in north-western Bulgaria close to the village of Rabisha, at 18 km from the town of Belogradchik in the Vidin Province
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Rakovica’s monastery

Ritous cloisterin foot of the Chernoglav’s top,from then become infiniteely figure haidouk mountain,and to go to the Black sea,in inpenetrable wood folds is monastery of Rakovica “St. Troica”
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Kula is a town in northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of Kula municipality, part of Vidin Province. Located just east of the Serbian-Bulgarian border, it is the third largest town in the province after Vidin and Belogradchik
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