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Ruzhintsi is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Ruzhintsi municipality, which lies in the southeastern part of Vidin Province. Ruzhintsi is located 54 kilometres from the provincial capital Vidin and 43 kilometres from Montana.
The village may have been founded in the 14th century. There are several etymologies suggested, two from Proto-Indo-European *h?reud?-o- (“red”): from ruzha (“rose”) or from the dialectal verb oruzhavam (“burn down”), and one involving the name of Fruzhin, son of Bulgarian tsar Ivan Shishman and organizer of the anti-Ottoman Uprising of Konstantin and Fruzhin in the early 15h century. The village church was built in 1852 together with a monastical school.

Ruzhintsi municipality has an area of 232 square kilometres and includes the following 10 places:
Belo Pole
Cherno Pole
The municipality is mainly agricultural. The only river that crosses it is the Lom River, but there are everal water reservoirs: at Gyurgich, Drazhintsi and Drenovets, with two smaller ones at Gyurgich and Belo Pole. A sight in the area is the Dobri Dol Monastery, founded in the 11th century.

Municipality of Rujintsi

Rujintsi is the sixth largest municipality in Vidin district, stretching on an area of 232 sq. km with population of 4,736 people. It is located on the River Lom and borders the municipality of Dimovo to the north, the municipality of Chuprene to the south, Belogradchik municipality to the west and the municipalities of Brusartsi and Montana to east, both from Montana district.



Road transport: the municipal center (village of Rujintsi) is located on first class road (E-79) (Vidin-Dimovo-Rujintsi- Montana-Sofia). An important road connecting the municipality with Lom-Drenovets and through Belogradchik pass with Serbia also crosses the municipal center. Secondary roads connect Rujintsi with the railway station Oreshets (Dimovo municipality) and other settlements in the municipality.

Railway: the railway line from Sofia and Vratsa through Boychinovtsi for Dimovo passes through the northern part of the municipality, connecting it also with Dunavtsi and Vidin (Danube River). The only station in the municipality, which is of only transit character, is located in the village of Drenovets.


The municipality does not have independent electricity sources. Electricity facilities have insufficient degree of reliability. Oftenly, the changing weather (wind, defrosting, and lightnings) results in failures and leads to restrictions in the consumption of electricity. Street lighting is installed in all settlements of the municipality.

Water supply and sewerage

The water supply network in the municipality of Rujintsi is not fully developed for meeting the needs of the population. Rehabilitation of the outdated water supply system is required.


Telephone and internet access is readily available throughout the municipality.


As a rural area, grain production, livestock breeding and viticulture are most developed in Rujintsi municipality. Only a few factories operate on its territory. Most of the active enterprises are small companies, the majority of which are in the sector of trade. The available agro-climatic conditions and the fertile land are preconditions for increased plant-growing and provide good resource base for livestock breeding. The main enterprises in the municipality are both in the village of Rujintsi: “ZMK” AD – production of steel poles and lattices, and “Vector darvo” OOD – furniture production.

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