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Rakovica’s monastery

Ritous cloisterin foot of the Chernoglav’s top,from then become infiniteely figure haidouk mountain,and to go to the Black sea,in inpenetrable wood folds is monastery of Rakovica “St. Troica”.For it Felix Kanic said:”It’s hard for person to imagine mire fascination nook for contemplative life from this palce…It’s true.that teh palce az this beauty,charm,but ritous cloiser is enchantmently,It’s true that the monastry have fittingly achievement in our history,in the art of the bulagrian people,to make and create spiritual worth,and to know how to protect them.For this reasonin the first place put rebellious act of the monastery’s brothers.The fief oppression of the Ottoman empire was so hard in that edn place in Bulgaria,between the Danube and Stara planina.In the summer of 1850,at 1 of june,people from Vidin,Kula,Belogradchik and Lom are rise in revolt against enslavers.Under the guidance of the chosen of the revolutionary committee,the eminet person at this place Colo Todorov,be at war.but soon the rebellion was downtrodden with fire and blood.Depredated was nad the old monastery,built in the middle century.In to a large degree are the literaly thing of the monastery.It is the famous enlightenment place in this part of Bulgaria.In the time of the Vidin’s kingdom of Ivan Sracimir,the monastery “Sv. Troica” made considerably educational and patriotic job.In this way were the things in Osman Pazvantoglu’s hand,who after tak and became himself for ruler on the Vidin’s kingdom,burn down and devasted the monastery.In all this mess there was a little miracle,the little monastery church survive.In nowdays she stand in monastery yard like bulagrian Deva,bring us news from the past,scared,but glory years….Save words attest that in summer of 1825 the church was renewed from the Trevent’s painters Kanio Zahariev and Dosio Koev.Later in 1848 in monastery was found the first school in north-west Bulagriaa.Interesting and exciting is picturesqueness in the little church.Along with Jesus Christ,the Apostle.St.Bogorodica,Konstantin amd Elena,and more saint and enlightener against the wall,there is a creep huge flame snake….In point of fact the interpretation is that,the fiery river,which is stock from terribly open mouth of the dragon,symbolize the hell.The curve figure of the snake is covered with white band ,in which az written the sins of the people.The theme of “The Terribly court” was from favouritestorylen,which the painters write out at the walls in the monastery,to provoke in the people,fear and repentance.”The Terribly court” in writting in Rakovica’s story is present in formidable way and with strongly repercussion.The monastery in Rakovica is not only fetching recess for meditative life,but ritous cloister place,which defy feelings like pride,spirituality unruliness ina bulagrian people.For this ina memory and for glory on the dead person in the summer 1850,in the yeard at the monastery is built new imposing church in 1943-1944…….Taken from Boris Nikolov Chronicle of Monastery sofia 1994.

Inventory of the implement restavration work on mural painting in medieval church in Rakovica’s monastery “St. Troica”
In 1974 is made totaly restavration on wall-paintin,which were in veryy bad condition.In the period of 30 years,without any concern for it,the monuments of the mural painting are endure visual changes and destruction in apainting part and underseal.Only reason for this is the dampness in wall,became with bad and missing unkeep on the draining equipment around the building.From this plinthly space is destroied.There is real dangerous for the fragments,from the medieval painting find in north part.The elements in the top are durty and all change from their own place,which became liquid in the outside wall,dampness in the inside part.Some thread are in not good conditions andd from this the water from the rain go inside the wall and in front of the painting.In the thread from the south side there are condition for penetrate of the bushes.From the high dampness are constitute acid salt,which destroied in part pigmental layer,and in other palce in the underseal.Exept this,that the colour in some colour part,made with their demandation on that time aesthetical conception is not correct.The local colour is missing in all painting,because the image are saving only in form of the padding.Like throughly problem in restavration work in 2005 is made prevent maintenancein 28 m2.The most destroied places were picked out-drum,calotte and two threades.Underlinig of the silhonette to be more readed the compositions and to see more clear the diagram of the icons.About this,thre are some operation:reconstruction on the conection betwee coat in some places to abolish acid salt,cleaming from superficially lodgements,reinforcement on the painting part with 3-5 solution,filling the missing part in underseal.
paint from “LEFRANC & BOURGEOIS”

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