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By Feruary 3, 2000, the population of the municipality was 87,068. The birth rate is 9.1 per 1,000 for the municipality and 7.5 per 1,000 for the Vidin Region. Death rate is 21.2 per 1,000, child mortality rate is 19.1 per 1,000 newborn children. Natural growth rate is negative, -13.7 per 1,000.

Division by ability to work
The structure of municipality of Vidin’s population by May, 2000, is the following:
Able-bodied citizens 42 485
Minors 18 271
Senior citizens 18 905

By the end of June, 2000, the number of registered unemployed persons was 10 179, or an increase by 96 persons (1%) compared to March, 2000. By the end of June, 2000, the unemployment rate for the municipality was 23.96%, compared to 18.78% in June, 1999, a 5.18% increase.

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