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Novo Selo

Novo Selo is a village in northwesternmost Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It lies on the right (south) bank of the Danube and is the administrative centre of a municipality with the same name.
As of September 2005 Novo Selo has a population of 1,217 and the mayor is Antoanetka Staneva.The village is located 25 km north-northwest of the provincial centre Vidin and 12 km east of the Serbian border at the Timok River mouth, with Mehedinti County of Romania directly across the Danube to the north. The main occupation in Novo Selo is vine growing.
According to the travel notes of the Italian traveller Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, the village was founded around 1700 and was initially named ??. Due to the plague and a fire the villagers abandoned the village only for their descendants to return in 1772 to found the modern Novo Selo. After the Crimean War a local government was set up and a knez (mayor) and councillors were elected.
Following the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 Novo Selo became part of Vidin District, and has since 1 January 1979 been the seat of a municipality also including the villages of Florentin, Negovanovtsi, Vinarovo and Yasen.
The construction of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in the village, a cultural monument, began in 1825. The bells were shipped from Pest, Austria-Hungary. The Zemedelets chitalishte (community centre) was built in 1930; it is also a memorial to all locals who perished in the wars. The Cyril and Methodius School dates to 1939. Another landmark is the characteristic clock tower from 1931, which is a symbol of Novo Selo. Novo Selo also has a small river port, a beach and an orphanage.
Novo Selo is also known for its typical vernacular sharing features with the Serbian dialects to the west and the Torlakian vernacular to the south, as well as showing lexical influences from Vlach. Novo Selo’s motto, in the local vernacular, is “Mi smo si mi”, “We are (just) ourselves”.

Municipality of Novo Selo

The municipality of Novo Selo (population of 3,518 people, 2009) consists of 5 settlements and occupies an area of 109.5 sq. km. It is located 25 km away from the district center – the town of Vidin and 15 km away from the border with Serbia. Important factors for the development of Novo Selo municipality are its excellent geographic location – between two borders on the river Danube, which enables its cross-border cooperation options and extraordinary natural, climatic and soil conditions, combined with important historical monuments, which have made the municipality an attractive destination for many tourists.



There are 81 km asphalt roads and streets, the majority of which need rehabilitation. Out of these, 29 km are roads third and fourth class and the rest are streets in the settlements. Transport links in the municipality are carried out by road transport.


Electricity supply in the municipality of Novo Selo is performed by CEZ AD – Vidin branch. All 5 settlements in the municipality are supplied with electricity.

Water supply and sewerage

All settlements in Novo Selo  municipality are supplied with water. The center of Novo Selo municipality has its own water source located on the banks of the Danube River. The villages of Florentin and Yasenare are also supplied from a separate source – tube wells located on the Danube near the village of Yasen. From all five settlements in the municipality only two villages – Novo Selo and Vinarovo have partially constructed sewerage system for rain waters.


There are three telephone stations, which render telephone services to the entire municipality. Almost the entire area of the municipality is covered by mobile telephony. The municipality has modern and high speed internet connection.


The flat topography of the municipality of Novo Selo, the favorable weather conditions and the diverse and fertile black soils are among the key factors that determine the development of the municipality as a primarily agricultural region with traditions in viticulture and grain production. Presently, one of the major enterprises in the municipality is a winery and a bottling plant which operate on national and global markets. Besides, about 30 other companies and retailers are registered on the territory of the municipality, which operate successfully and play an important role in the development of the local economy. The municipality of Novo Selo has potential for development of eco-tourism, rural tourism, water tourism and cultural-cognitive tourism, which present opportunities to investors.

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