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Midzhur or Midzor  is a peak in the Balkan Mountains, situated on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia. At 2,169 meters, it is the highest peak of the Western Balkan Mountains, as well as of Serbia. Midzhur is the 12th highest peak in Stara Planina The summit is located in Bulgaria, with the Bulgarian-Serbian border only meters away.
Since the early 1990s, Midzhur has been accessible to tourists from both sides; previously, access was forbidden due to the peak being in the border area. On the Bulgarian side, the peak is reachable from the village of Gorni Lom in Vidin Province. At 7 km of the village is located the Gorni Lom refuge (840 m). There is also one other refuge called Midzhur. Chuprene biosphere reserve which is under the protection of UNESCO is situated to the west of the peak. It is one of the last sanctuaries in Bulgaria where the Capercaillie nests.
The source of the Lom River is at the foot of the peak. A cascade of small hydroelectric power plants is in operation on the river near Midzhur and four more are under construction.
A special permission from border police Sofia is required in order to climb the peak.

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