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Makresh is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Makresh municipality, which lies in the western part of Vidin Province, close to the Bulgarian-Serbian border. Makresh is situated 35 kilometres from the provincial capital Vidin, in the westernmost Danubian Plain, with the western reaches of the Balkan Mountains to its west.

Makresh municipality has an area of 229 square kilometres includes the following 7 places:
Tsar Shishmanovo
Makresh municipality is mainly agricultural, growing wheat, barley, corn and rye. Sights in the area include the Rabisha Lake and the Rakovitsa Monastery dating to the 10th-11th century with the Holy Trinity Church

Municipality of Makresh

The municipality of Makresh has a total area of 229 sq. km. It is surrounded by the following municipalities from north to south: Kula, Gramada, Dimovo and Belogradchik. It also borders Serbia to the west. The municipal center is the village of Makresh, which is located 35 km away from the district center Vidin. The overall population of the municipality is around 2,100 people in 7 villages.



The road network in the municipality of Makresh is comprised of 3rd class municipal roads and totals 58 km. Transport communications are in poor condition, making transport links between the villages and the municipal center difficult. The railroad connecting the municipality with the regional center and with the rest of the country is situated around 7 km from the village of Makresh. Another railway station is in the town of Dimovo (12 km).


All settlements have access to the electrical grid.

Water supply and sewerage

All settlements are water-supplied but drinking water is insufficient for the villages of Podgore and Rakovitsa.


All areas in the municipality are connected to the telephone network, which has large spare capacity. The entire area of the municipality is covered by all three national mobile operators which provide mobile telephony and internet.


Crops growing is of strategic importance for the development of the municipality. The largest share in this sector is taken by cereals (wheat, barley, corn and rye) and industrial cultures. The presence of well maintained pastures and meadows in the mountainous and hilly part of the municipality and the opportunities for fodder production in the plains are a prerequisite for the development of sheep and cattle breeding. The preserved environment and the Rabisha lake, part of which is in the area of Tolovitsa village, joined by the monastery and the church in Rakovitsa village (X-XI century), which were declared cultural monuments of national importance, are considered as preconditions for the development of tourism in the municipality.

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