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Gramada is a town in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Gramada municipality, which lies in the central part of Vidin Province. It is located in the western Danubian Plain, 30 kilometres from the provincial capital Vidin and 200 kilometres from Sofia.

Gramada municipality covers an area of 184 square kilometres and includes the following 8 places:
Milchina Laka
Gramada municipality is situated in a plain area and is crossed by the rivers Vidbol, Kormanitsa, Gramada River and Yasova Bara. The municipality is mainly agricultural, cultivating grain, vine, fruits and vegetables.

Municipality of Gramada

Gramada municipality is located in the central part of Vidin district. Bordering municipalities are Kula, Makresh, Dimovo and Vidin. It consists of 8 settlements – the town of Gramada (municipal center) and the villages of Boyanovo, Brankovtsi, Medeshevtsi, Milchina laka, Sratsimirovo, Toshevtsi and Vodna. The municipality’s territory covers an area of 184.2 sq. km, which is 6% from the territory of Vidin district. The population of the municipality is around 2,200 people (2010).



Road transport: the road network in the municipality has total length of 68.8 km: 3rd class (38.2 km) and 4th class (30.6 km) roads. All roads are in poor condition and have insufficient road markings with the exception of some sections of the Kula-Gramada-Stratsimir road, which is partly rehabilitated. The town of Gramada is 10 km away from the main road E-79 (Vidin-Montana- Vratsa-Sofia) and around 25 km away from the border checkpoint Vrashka Chuka linking it with Serbia and Western Europe.


All areas in the municipality are supplied with electricity.

Water supply and sewerage

All settlements in the municipality are water supplied from local sources. The quantity of drinking water is sufficient for meeting the local needs. The sewerage network is partly built in the town of Gramada, primarily for surface waters – about 1.5 km.


Telecommunications in the municipality are in a relatively good condition as all settlements have access to fixed telephony. All Bulgarian mobile telephone operators have excellent coverage on the territory of the municipality.


The agrifood sector in Gramada municipality is shaped by a mill and by one of the most modern dairy farms on the Balkan Peninsula, where 600 elite animals are bred. A closed cycle is introduced with a feed mill and feed dishes. The largest share in municipal employment (mainly family businesses) take retailers (food and non-food items, household goods, fertilizers, seeds and crop protection chemicals), as well as employed in education and services.

Larger enterprises in the municipality are: ”Fairplay International” AD (a Bulgarian real estate management and investment company) – owner of about 25% of the arable land in the municipality. “Bakery Mill – Gramada”, “ITSIS Company – GROUP” OOD – production of bread and all kinds of bakery products, “PBG” – a unit for fighting with hailstorms, radio Vidin – located in the area of the municipality, “MTF – Gramada” OOD – a company with significant technical and technological capacity for the construction of melioration systems.

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