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Dimovo is a town in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Dimovo municipality, which lies in the eastern part of Vidin Province, 30 kilometres from Vidin at the Danube and 50 kilometres from Bregovo at the Timok River and the Serbian border.
The town is located in the western Danubian Plain. Until the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, it was known as Barzitsa (burzitza) in Bulgarian, but it had the Ottoman name Osmaniye. In 1880, it was renamed to Aleksandrovo after the Bulgarian knyaz Alexander I of Battenberg. It was briefly named Vlaykovo in honour of Todor Vlaykov in 1936, but the name was changed back to honour Alexander as Knyaz Aleksandrovo in the same year. Finally, the modern name of Dimovo was established in 1951, after local partisan Zhivko Puev’s nickname, Dimo.

Municipality of Dimovo

Dimovo municipality is among the newest units of self government in the country established in 1987 and covering an area of 403 sq. km, which represents 13.3% of the district’s surface. It is bordered by six other municipalities – Belogradchik, Rujintsi, Chuprene, Makresh, Vidin and Lom. The municipality communicates with them and other locations through eight input-output roads. Road transport network includes mostly 3rd and 4th class roads.



Road transport: international road E-79 passes through the town of Dimovo, part of Pan-European Corridor № 4. The ferry link Vidin-Calafat (Romania) and the border checkpoint Vrashka Chuka are located around 30 km from the town. The Bregovo border checkpoint is located 50 km from the municipal center. The opening of a border checkpoint at Salash (Serbia) is expected. The center of the municipality is located 35 km from Vidin and 70 km from Montana.


There are 36 electric power substations in the municipality. Low voltage street power networks are completely built. Villages are supplied with electricity with voltage 20 kV by overhead power lines. All settlements on the territory of the municipality of Dimovo are electrified.

Water supply and sewerage

The water supply of the settlements in the municipality of Dimovo is carried out by three water groups. The villages of Yarlovitsa and Darjanitsa have separate sources. The municipality has no integrated sewerage network.


Mobile connections and internet access are readily available throughout the municipal territory.


Dimovo municipality is a rural area that is heavily dependent on agriculture and livestock breeding as a source of employment and income. Over half of the arable land is occupied by cereals, mainly wheat, barley and maize. Most of the working population is employed in farming and in the non-manufacturing sector. The small businesses have a significant share in the municipal economy, especially in the sector of services. Over 90% of the food stores and shops for household goods are registered as single traders. The same applies for all food and entertainment facilities, repair shops and companies providing transport services.

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