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Culture, tourism and leisure opportunities

Tourism (2008) Bed capacity: 758
Accommodation establishments: 38 hotels and guest houses
Nights spent: 48,492
Revenues from nights spent: EUR 953,604
Capacity for development of alternative tourism based on integrated regional tourist products
and historical centers
Belogradchik, Vidin
Major cultural
and historical attractions
Baba Vida fortress
Cathedral “Saint Demetrius”
Church “St. Petka”
Church “St. Panteleimon”
Church “St. Nicholas”
Mosque and library of Osman Pazvantoglu
Turkish Konak “Koluka”
Turkish post office
Remains of a Roman wall and tower in the neighborhood
“Kaleto” in the town of Vidin and six gates, which were
entrances to the fortress – “Vidbolska”, “Enichar”, “Florentin”,
“Telegraph”, “Pazar”, “Stamboli”
Crosswise barracks
Art gallery “Nikola Petkov”
Castra Martis
Belogradchik rocks
Belogradchik fortress
Magura cave and Rabisha lake
“Bozhuritsa” area
Biosphere reserve – Chuprene
Dobridolski monastery, Rock monastery near “Albutin” area
and Rakovishki monastery
Cultural events International Folklore Festival “Dancing along the Danube”
Authentic Folklore Fest “Danubian Rhythms”
International Festival of Roma Song and Dance “For peace”
International Festival of Bulgarian-Romanian Folklore
“Festival of wallachian song and dance”
Fair of Folk Art “From Timok to Midzhur”
International Fair Salah – Novo Korito
Annual Vidin Fair
Dimitrovden – Day of Vidin
Fairs are organized annually in each of the municipalities
International Plein Air “Danube Art”
Celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jules Pascin (in
Palm Sunday
May Holidays “Danube spring” – including holidays and
celebrations of national and local character
Celebration of International Children’s Day
Viennese Ball
Cultural establishments Municipal Dramatic Theatre
State Puppet Theatre
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Art Gallery
Universal City Library “Mihalaki Georgiev”
Ensemble for folk songs and dances “Dunav”
Community center “Tsvyat”
City Brass Band

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