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The access to fixed telephony of the population in the district is now 94.4%, i.e. 134 of the total 142 settlements have fixed telephone coverage. The territory of Vidin district has a complete coverage of the three Bulgarian mobile operators – Mtel, Globul and Vivacom. All operators have existing offi ces in the district center. The capacity of the networks is being increased in accordance with the growing number of mobile subscribers. Internet access is available on most of the area of the district. Furthermore, except dial-up Internet access, the customers of Vivacom can also use leased line access. At present, the number of subscribers to analogue telephone lines is around 37,000, i.e. around 96.4% of the available options have been used. In the case of digital subscribers the situation is similar – around 2,500 digital subscribers in the presence of close to 4,000 digital posts, which represents utilisation of around two thirds.

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