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Culture, tourism and leisure opportunities

Tourism (2008) Bed capacity: 758 Accommodation establishments: 38 hotels and guest houses Nights spent: 48,492 Revenues from nights spent: EUR 953,604 Capacity for development of alternative tourism based on integrated regional tourist products Cultural and historical centers Belogradchik, Vidin Major cultural and historical attractions Baba Vida fortress Cathedral “Saint Demetrius” Church “St. Petka” Church “St.… more

Economy, Agriculture, Education

Industry From 2006 onwards, the positions of economic sectors within the structure of gross value added (GVA) follow the trends of previous years, which are approximately constant for the agricultural sector. The share of GVA for services is about two thirds of the total for the district. Production of industrial enterprises (2008) Sector Share, %… more


The access to fi xed telephony of the population in the district is now 94.4%, i.e. 134 of the total 142 settlements have fixed telephone coverage more

Water supply and sewerage

Vidin district has a relatively well-organized distribution network with total length of 1,656 km. In 2008, according to data from Water Supply and Sewerage EOOD-Vidin, the amount of water used is 8.9 million cubic m per year more


The electricity supply is carried out by CEZ-Electricity AD-Vidin Branch which operates 4 mid-voltage (MV) key stations (3 x 20 kV and 1 x 10 kV); 572 power stations; MV power grids with a total length of 1,452 km, MV cable grids with a total length of 150.6 km; low voltage (LV) air networks with a total length of 1,703 km; LV cable networks with a total length of 225.5 km more

Philharmonic orchestra

The Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra is officially registered as a state organization situated in the town of Vidin, which is located in the north-west part of Bulgaria on the banks of the Danube river, at a distance of 200 km from Sofia. Vidin is an administrative, cultural and economic center in this region. There are… more


The District is yet to be developed; it contributes only 1.9 % of the national GDP (2005). Vidin district has a diversified economic structure more


By the end of June, 2000, the number of registered unemployed persons was 10 179, or an increase by 96 persons (1%) compared to March, 2000. By the end of June, 2000, the unemployment rate for the municipality was 23.96%, compared to 18.78% in June, 1999, a 5.18% increase more

Cluture and art

The Vidin Museum of History was established in 1910 as an archaeological society. Its by-laws state that its goal was “to find, preserve and study the monuments of the past that will be kept in a museum that will be located in the city of Vidin”. The sociaety was very active but the wars from 1912 – 1918 period hindered its development more


Air quality is monitored by the laboratory of the Montana Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters. Measurements are taken daily, at two points, excluding weekends, which is not sufficient. For full monitoring, there need to be two more points in specific areas of the municipality (the ferryboat facilities, the city exit routes and the downtown) more

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