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Cross barracks

The Krastata Kazarma (Bulgarian: Кръстата казарма, cross barracks) is a former military facility of the Ottoman Empire. The barracksgot its name due to its cross shaped architecture. It is one of the cultural memorials of the region of Vidin, Bulgaria, today. The building, constructed by Polish architects, was finished in 1801. It was used by four separate units, also by a unit… more

Mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu

The library and the mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu in Vidin are built in the period of the Ottoman domination. The library is a square building with a dome from lead sheet-iron and is dedicated to the mother of Osman Pazvantoglu more

Osman Pazvantoglu – a Powerful Rebel Against Sultan Selim III

Osman Pazvantoglu of Vidin (1758 – February 5, 1807) is a controversial historical figure who belongs both to Bulgaria’s and Turkey’s past. Although he was an Ottoman soldier, commander and ruler who dreamed of restoring the Suleyman the Magnificent’s rule, the Muslims refused to bury him in a sacred ground more


Bulgaria is a huge empire,with big capital city Bdin.At this time the emperor is Shishman.The land is broad,extensive and beautiful.There are ten navigable rivers,many landscapes and forests more

Baba Vida fortress

Baba Vida is a medieval fortress in Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria and the town’s primary landmark. It consists of two fundamental walls and four towers and is said to be the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the country
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The history museum – Konaka

This original architectural monument was built in the mid 18th century as a building for the police department but subsequently was significantly altered more

The mosque and The Pazvantoglu’s library

The mosque is a massive stone structure with strictly oriental architecture. The high minaret finishes with a heart in the shape of a lance’s edge more

The ethnographical museum Krastata Kazarma

The building was erected in 1798 on the place of the garden of the Old Palace of Vi-din and initially was used as a janissary’s barracks more

The Synagogue

The presence of a temple of the Spanish Jews in Vidin is mentioned in 1869. The construction of the building, which was one of the most beautiful of this kind in Bulgaria more

Stambul gate

The main gate of the Vidin citadel was erected in the 17th century more

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