Category: Travel Guide to Vidin

Surrounding areas

The Danube, a large European river (a border between Bulgaria and Romania) runs past the town, which is situated on its right bank. It offers wonderful opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, fishing, water sports tourism and many other activities. There is a big water tourist base in the northern suburbs of the town. Excursions along the… more


Cuisine in Vidin is typical of Bulgarian cooking. With a strong focus on grilled meats and vegetables, Bulgarian cuisine is healthy and delicious. There are a handful of restaurants in the area. Viara is a bistro near the city’s largest garden/park. Drinks are cold and refreshing while the food offers an impressive selection of local… more


Unfortunately, Vidin struggles to bring in revenue. Some cultural activities (the Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra is an example) that bring tourism money into the community, but often the expenses outweigh the profit. The port that brings tourists to Romania or on Danube cruises also brings in some money. Salaries in Vidin and all of Bulgaria… more

Site Seeing

Several churches, cathedrals, and mosques deserve a closer look. The architecture of these buildings is breathtaking and makes for lovely photos (make sure picture taking is allowed). The Saint Panteleymon was erected in the 1600s. The brick church is built into the ground, so it can prove to be a refreshing area on a hot… more


Set along the banks of the Danube, Vidin is one of Bulgaria’s oldest riverfront cities. The city of Vidin, located in the northwest area of Bulgaria, links Bulgaria with the Romanian town of Kalafat thanks to daily ferry service. With a mixture of Roman, Turkish, medieval Bulgarian, and modern architecture, Vidin’s landscape contains well-preserved buildings,… more