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Rakovica’s monastery

Ritous cloisterin foot of the Chernoglav’s top,from then become infiniteely figure haidouk mountain,and to go to the Black sea,in inpenetrable wood folds is monastery of Rakovica “St. Troica”
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The cathedral St. Dimitar

The second largest cathedral in Bulgaria after the St. Alexander Nevski cathedral in Sofia. The cathedral is a cultural monument with national significance. The first church of the same name built on this spot was erected in the 17th century
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Orthodox Monasteries

The Dobridolski Monastery Established during the 11th century. A part  of the monastery’s convent which has a G- shaped structure (Cyrillic G) is used as a  tourist resting place. The stone monastery in the Albotin region – Gradetz The stone monastery in the surroundings of Gradetz is cut out in the almost vertical rocks of the… more