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Bregovo is a town in the very northwest of Bulgaria, situated on the east bank of the Timok River close to its mouth. It is located in Vidin Province and is close to the city of Vidin near the national border crossings with Serbia and Romania.
The name of the town was first attested in writing in 1560 in an Ottoman register. It is derived from breg, meaning “shore” (in this case, the Timok shore), while -ovo is a common Slavic suffix indicating a placename. A secular school was built in 1864, a post office followed in 1879, and a custom house emerged in Bregovo in 1895. A community centre (chitalishte) was in its turn opened on 26 December 1897.

Municipality of Bregovo

Bregovo municipality is located on the right bank of the Timok River and has an area of 180 sq. km. The municipality borders Serbia to the west, Romania (via the Danube River) and the municipality of Novo Selo to the north, the municipality of Boynitsa to the south and the mounicipality of Vidin to the east. The municipality of Bregovo is an important transport junction for Europe through the existing border crossing bridge over the Timok River. The population of the municipality is 6,050 people.



The municipality is crossed by the following roads: Road II-12 (Bregovo – Gamzovo – Vidin), Road III-122 (Bregovo – Baley – Kudelin – Novo Selo – Vidin); Road IV-12003 (Deleyna – Tiyanovtsi – Kalina – Vidin); Road IV-12005 (Bregovo – Rakitnitsa – Kosovo – Deleyna). There is a daily transport link between the town of Bregovo and the remaining settlements in the municipality.


The municipality has 24 electric power substations and 2 street cartridges. Low voltage street power networks are not fully developed. Villages are supplied with electricity with voltage of 20 kV through air power grids.

Water supply and sewerage

The water supply in the settlements of the municipality is carried out by the following water facilities – Pumping Station (PS) 1 and PS 3 from the area “Livez” for the town of Bregovo, pumping station supplying the villages of Rakitnitsa, Kosovo and Deleyna, pumping station Vrav supplying water to the villages of Vrav, Kudelin and Baley, pumping station Major Uzunovo supplying the villages of Gamzovo, Kalina and Tiyanovtsi. The municipality does not have a sewerage network.


The condition of communication networks in the municipality is good. All national mobile operators render their services on the territory of the municipality.


Bregovo municipality is a rural region that is heavily dependent on agriculture and livestock breeding as a source of employment and income. The suitable climatic conditions and fertile soils favour the development of bread and fodder production, viticulture, fruit and vegetables growing, sheep and cattle breeding. Over half of the arable land is occupied by cereals, mainly wheat, barley and maize. Grain production is fully adapted to the natural, climatic and soil conditions typical for the municipality that are beneficial for achieving relatively high yields. In 2009, there were 164 registered farmers in Bregovo municipality.

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