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Boynitsa is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Vidin Province. It is the administrative centre of Boynitsa municipality, which lies in the western part of Vidin Province. The village is located 35 kilometres west of the provincial capital Vidin and 250 kilometres northwest of the national capital Sofia, in the immediate proximity of the Serbian border.
The Bulgarian word boynitsa means “arrow slit”, although the Slavic root boy commonly exists in words related to fighting, and -itsa is a common Bulgarian placename suffix.

Municipality of Boynitsa

Boynitsa municipality has an area of 165.7 sq. km and is bordered to the north and west by the Republic of Serbia, to the south and southeast by the municipality of Kula, to the east by the municipality of Vidin and to the northeast by the municipality of Bregovo. The municipal center, the village of Boynitsa (600 inhabitants) is located 250 km northwest of the capital Sofia and 35 km of the district center Vidin. The municipality has population of around 1,850 (2006) people and is comprised of 9 villages.



The municipality is an important transport hub with well-established infrastructure links to the capital and to the northern part of Bulgaria. Near the village of Boynitsa pass some of the main communication routes in Europe: Transport Corridor № 4 (Craiova – Vidin – Sofia - Kula) and Corridor №7 (Danube River).


The electric grid is in good condition. Water supply and sewerage Water supply covers about 80% of the populated areas, where old pipes are gradually being replaced and reconstructed.


There is access to Internet in all public buildings in the municipal center. There is a club with 4 internet stations for use by the population. About 90% of the municipal territory is covered by mobile operators. All settlements in the municipality are telephonized.


The main sector of the municipal economy is agriculture. There are traditions in crops growing, production of grain bread and fodder grain. The municipality is planning to build facilities for irrigation of the arable land. There are three commercial agricultural cooperatives registered and two municipal associations which handle around 15-20% of the land. Private landowners treat approximately 25-30% of the land. Livestock has been developed primarily in small family farms. It is characterized by low mechanization and inadequate growth in average productivity due to poor feeding.

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