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Virgin areas river-side and mountain regions, caves and lakes which have always strongly attracted the nature lovers. They have the possibility to enjoy the magnificent views of the natural beauties and phenomena.
The cave Magura – A Pearl in the crawn
A fantastic underground world of rare in beauty and variety natural phenomena. The name of the cave is a part of many tales about mythical dragons and legendary he­roes, about treasures hidden there from the time of tsar Ivan Shishman which in the past often stirred treasure-hunters’ passions. On the 3rd of May 1960 the cave Magura was declared a natural landmark and was enlisted in the list of the preferred tourist sites. During the next two years it was devel­oped and made accessible to the thousands of lovers of the underground beauties. The entrance of the cave is on the south­western slope of the hill with the same name. When entering it you first reach the Triumphal Hall. Between the sinter formations here the most interesting are the stalagmites The Blue Heaps located in the north-western part. The sinter waterfall also poses great interest. The Triumphal Hall was inhabited by the prehis­toric man who has left many traces. The next chamber which the visitor reaches is called the Demolition Site. From the west end of the chamber begins the Gallery of drawings which ends with three small cham­bers – The Sunny chamber, The Chamber of the clay pots and the Obscure chamber. On both sides of the Gallery of drawings and on the walls of the Sunny chamber there are around 700 drawings, divided into eight ma­jor groups. They depict schematic male and female figures, fantastic animals and signs, resemble letters from an unknown alphabet. Most probably the Gallery of drawings was a religious place or a sanctuary for the under­ground neolith settlement. The Chamber of stalactons is one of the larg­est in the Magura cave. The big stalacton in it is 20 meters high. An interesting pair are the stalagmites the Two Brothers, one of which was the older because he stopped growing and degraded while the other – the younger because he still grew and fattened from the falling on him drops from the ceiling of the cave. The sinter formations the Mysterious castle, The Bear, the Turtle and other forma­tions have an enigmatic impact on the visi­tors.
The next chamber is called the Fallen pine because of the fallen during earthquakes stalagmite with a length of 11 meters. Many more chambers and fabulous formations take turns but the most beautiful of them is the Triumphal Hall. In 1975 it was adapted for a sanatorium cave or treating bronchial asthma and this is why it is also called the Sanatorium. The Magura cave is electrified, the entire length of the underground pas­sages is 2500 meter.

The Rabish Lake – the only lake in Bulgaria with a Karst origin
It is located at approximately 16 kilometers to the west of the town of Dimovo in the northern foot of the Rabish hill.

The Danube River „The sun rises from west”
The Vidin region is the only place in the world where the “sun rises from west”. This visual llusion is a result from a curve which shifts the river flow with 180 degrees.

The Bozhuritza countryside – a place for tourist’s outings and relaxation
It is located at 18 kilometers south west of Vidin, between the rivers Milchina and Vidbol.

Biosphere reserve Chuprene
It has a total area of 1439 hectares and is included in the list of reserves under the ae­gis of UNESCO.

Hunting and game-breading station Midjur
It is located on an area of 19 500 hectares. The hunting fauna includes red dear, stag of a fallow dear, wild-boar, hind, wolf, wild cat and fox. The game-breading station has three well-settled hunting bases: Hunting house Stakevci, Hunting hut Yazovo and Hunting cabin Royanovci.

Fisherman’s Road – Development of Eeotourism in Vidin Region

The project is financed by PUDOOS/(EMEPA) -
Enterprise for Management of Environment Protection Activities
Vidin Region offers favourable conditions for development different types of tourism. It dis­poses of virgin areas, riverside and mountainous areas, caves and lakes that attract tourists and offer opportunities to become familiar with rare species of the local vegetation and fauna.
The geographical situation of the region has favoured its development as transport, trade and cultural center for centuries. Vidin Region is an entrance-exit thoroughfare of the Republic of Bulgaria towards Europe and the world. Two Transeuropean corridors cross the region: N2 4 Budapest-Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Thessalonike and N° 7 along the Danube River. The natural landmarks in Vidin Region are perfect outlooks for development of ecotourism. There is a variety of water basins, offering excellent opportunities for relaxation and sport. The exact project results are: a tourist route “The Fisherman’s Road” has been created, which includes beach-fisherman settlement in the village of Vrav and campsite in the village of Yasen. Both objects offer opportunities for recreation, sunbathing and water sports practice. They are built along the Danube River. On one hand, they create preconditions for attraction guests and tourists to recreate during the summer holidays; on the other hand the visitors are educated in environment protection.
Beach-fisherman settlement in the village or Vrav
In the settlement are built: a fisherman’s shelter with adapted fireplace for cooking fish soup
and delicacies according traditional local recepes. The fish is fished by the keen fishermen
Visitors are able to recreate and taste the delicious dishes cooked by them under the two summer-houses with wooden tables and benches. Dustbins, shower room and WC are installed in order to guarantee the environment protection and avoid pollution of water and the river-banks.
While parents are cooking the draught fish according the traditional recipes, children can play on the constructed open-air kindergarten. For the visitors who like to cool themselves in the refreshing Danubian water all necessary
conditions are provided – bathing cabin, life-guards sites and information board. Natural materials are used for the construction of the settlement, thus strengthening the place authenticity.
Local inhabitants give advice how to fish and prepare the draught fish according the authentic recipes, and the guests who like to stay longer may accommodate in rooms or villas for rent.

Campsite in the village of Yasen
The holiday along the Danube River may be combined with a tour of the village, which is famous with its hospitality and the ashle-woods, where the name of the village comes from. They can taste the delicious home prepared honey and have a look at the old church, con­structed by Russian engineers and painted by Italian artists. Nearby are situated the villas area and the beach, where a relaxation place is constructed, including a barbecue shelter, two summer-houses with wooden tables and benches, and an open-air kindergarten for the kids. Indicative boards guide the tourists about the direction and the spot of the attractions and amusements.
The present project has led to cultivation of both areas and has created the necessary pre­conditions for development of ecotourism.
The region is abundant in natural, historic and cultural landmarks, which have to be discov­ered and looked at.
The project implementation has turned the route “The Fisherman’s Road” into a competitive and interesting destination, which attracts a flow of tourists. On this reason promotion of the route is envisaged by including it in Internet sites of tourist agencies and construction of own Internet site. That contributes for enlargement of the group of people informed on the tourist potential of Vidin Region.
It is provided a video clip about the tourist route to be broadcast in the mass media. Promotion materials (brochures and catalogues) are submitted to bigger tourist agencies in the country.

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